Just Tried This…

I just tried this baking soda/vinegar bomb with Lu and a friend…it was fun and definitely popped, but it was almost more fun to just put the 1 1/2tbs. of baking soda into 1/4c. warm water and 1/2c. white vinegar and watch the reaction. I never tried this as a kid, so it was exciting for me too!

Crafty Here and There…


Here is a picture of the little sleeping nook I’ve been working on for my littlest girl. The room is kind of long and I really wanted to use part of it for a play area, so I used an Ikea Expedit book case (that we hacked to be a room divider with wall paper on the back) to create two separate spaces. Our little Ruby is loving her own space and big sister is liking having her own room again too. And it’s nice that we can still have a separate play area…. So that’s that! I still need to put up some more polka dots… : )


Here is a still life my oldest Lucy recently painted after we read a book about Georgia O’keefe. We were inspired by the book Playful Learning. She recommended the book My Name Is Georgia. It’s really lovely.


A butterfly landed on me!

Here are a a few close-ups of the Staple Dress I recently made. I still don’t have a full-body shot. I am loving this dress and it was such a an easy sewing project!

IMG_6074 IMG_6069


I’ve been making popcycles with my new Zoku instant pop-cycle maker! It freezes them in just 5-10 minutes! It’s crazy! These ones were Mango, Peach, and Coconut Milk…with some sugar! They were really good!


Ok, if anyone reads this! Hello! and thank you for stopping by!